#Bio #Psycho #Social Applications to Cognitive Engagement

The underlying concept of this paper is how bio-psycho-social approaches to cognitive
engagement, described in greater depth by DeGennaro, may be put to use to collect, analyze, and/or
apply information to meet a tactical, operational, or strategic end. This White Paper will focus on the
proverbial “rubber meets the road” approaches of behavioral operations in the human domain where
the former is “the study of attributes of human behavior and cognition that impact the design,
management, and improvement of operating systems, and the study of the interaction between such
attributes and operating systems and processes” and the latter is “the presence, activities (including
transactions both physical and virtual), culture, social structure/organization, networks and
relationships, motivation, intent, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of humans (single or groups) across all
domains of the operational environment (Space, Air, Maritime, Ground, and Cyber).” Information
Operations (IO) doctrine defines the cognitive domain as the component of the information
environment (IE) that encompasses the gray matter of those who transmit, receive, and act upon
information. Cognitive operations such as information processing, perception, judgment, and decisionmaking
are the most vital aspect of the IE. Cognition is influenced by individual and cultural beliefs,
norms, vulnerabilities, motivations, emotions, experiences, morals, education, mental health, identities,
and ideologies and thus requires research and analysis methods from the bio-psycho-social sciences to
understand and manipulate. When, how, and most importantly why to apply that understanding to US
advantage at the tactical, operational, and strategic level is the focus of this effort.





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