#Bio #Psycho #Social Applications
to Cognitive Engagement

#Bio #Psycho #Social Applications to Cognitive Engagement

Cognition is influenced by individual and cultural beliefs, norms, vulnerabilities, motivations, emotions, experiences, morals, education, mental health, identities, and ideologies and thus requires research and analysis methods from the bio-psycho-social sciences to understand and manipulate. When, how, and most importantly why to apply that understanding to US advantage at the tactical, operational, and strategic level is the focus of this effort.



#HOWTO : « USB Key Pentesting Toolkit » by @cybraryit

#HOWTO : « USB Key Pentesting Toolkit » by @cybraryit

In this guide, I’m going to be walking you through setting up a pentesting USB drive that also works well for other IT professionals. Fortunately, the days of carrying around a CD binder full of your various tools are long gone.  With the lower prices of USB drives and their increased capacity, you can easily keep a large number of tools at your disposal. About...

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